Summer Flowers

Summer time is peak season for florists across the world due to the seasonality of many popular flowers. The amazing scents of summer flowers lead to people’s desire to fill their homes with beautiful arrangements and gorgeous bouquets.

During the summer season 2011 thus far we have seen a dramatic increase in people ordering blue and purple coloured bouquets. Those appear to be the colours of the season along with the ever popular yellow and pink. Additionally, we are experiencing numerous orders of delphinium, hydrangea and alliums. Popular bouquets are Citrus Tint, Rustic Summer Twist and the Pink Flower Bag.

We are experiencing an increase in orders from this time last year; this demonstrates to us that people want to brighten up their house with amazing colours and aromas that beautiful bouquets offer.

We offer beautiful bouquets from as little as €35 to brighten up your house. Visit to add some beautiful flowers to your home this summer.


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