2012 Course Dates

2012 Course Dates

We have been working hard on our schedule for 2012 so we thought we would share with you our course dates for floristy courses and flower arranging courses with the Flower School for the first 5 months in 2012. (more…)

Seasonality of Flowers

The seasonality of flowers gives you a guide as to what flowers are going to be available at certain times throughout the year. Naturally, there are certain flowers such as freesia and the “Regan White” chrysanthemum that are available all year round  but the various seasons bring out beautiful varying shades and characteristics…

Summer Flowers

Summer time is peak season for florists across the world due to the seasonality of many popular flowers. The amazing scents of summer flowers lead to people’s desire to fill their homes with beautiful arrangements and gorgeous bouquets. During the summer season 2011 thus far we have seen a dramatic…